Dear Global Family,

Even though COVID-19 is happening, we are still accepting applications for those who test negative and can provide these results to our office via scan or fax, etc. Assuming it is a negative result, we ask that these results are sent to our office right before your visit. Our main office email is and our phone number is 520-603-9932. Please let us know if any questions and we would be happy to talk with you.

We believe in the soon return of the Promised One and we are diligently serving to create a harmonious and sacred sanctuary for Destiny Reservists (Change Agents, Light Workers, The Helpers, etc) to gather, live, grow and assist in setting up His new administration of peace and justice. If you feel this is your calling, please inquire about joining us and fill out the application here:

For ways to stay connected with us, we suggest our URANTIA Book and Cosmic Family, Volume 1 home study correspondence courses that are sent via email. To learn more:

Please check out our radio station, KVAN Visionary Radio, 91.7 in Tucson, Arizona and globally on our KVAN app or website. You can download the KVAN app from the Apple (IOS) App Store and at Google Play Store for Android users. You can listen on the KVAN website here:

If you are interested to purchase our wonderful products from Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, these products will be available for sale online:

We believe in the power of prayer and invite you to join us in prayer for the state of this world and to visualize healing and the needed "waking up" to higher ways of living and serving that this world so desperately needs. The power of joining forces in prayer-intent is exponential.

Please stay safe; follow the guidelines put out by the CDC, and join us in keeping faith that the return of the Promised One is right around the corner.

For more information about our parent organization, Global Community Communications Alliance, please click the button below.