The purpose of this gathering is to educate all races of the purification that our world is going through by way of the earth changes, causing the deaths of thousands and even millions as well as economic collapses. All of these things have been predicted by the indigenous cultures for centuries. As you know, the Hopis went to the United Nations and spoke of these prophecies. If you can speak on the subject of the Purification/Earth Changes, please let us know. If not, what subject would you like to speak about?

I, Gabriel of Urantia, have met, in 1993, Titus Lamson, the oldest living Hopi Elder at that time, who was 102 years old. He passed shortly after I met with him. I was also friends with Wallace Black Elk (who stayed with me many times in Sedona, and we spoke often of the earth changes), Russell Means (he and I shared much on our activist endeavors), Dennis Banks (who I invited to speak on many occasions), Clyde Bellecourt (who came with A.I.M. to our venue in Sedona, when we were living there), and other Native American elders.

This Times of the Purification Gathering is a Sacred event not a New Age Festival. We honor the ancestors. This gathering will be held at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage in Tumacácori, Arizona, where we live in the traditional way, as much as we can, off the grid, in the ways of the Creator. We are a nonprofit organization and no one benefits financially, as we have all things in common, consisting of 105 men, women, and children from around the world.

Please explore our website to see a gallery of some of those elders whom I have met and information about the gathering and the native speakers and musicians we have thus far. We do not have a lot of finances, however we would like to cover your travel expenses with gasoline reimbursement as well as whatever you think you can come for. We can also cover lodging on our grounds and food.

Please contact Centria Lilly for further information.
Email Centria Lilly or contact us.

With great respect,

Gabriel of Urantia