The intention of the Spiritualution Purification Gathering is to capture the heart of indigenous cultures, especially the Native American legacy, through the arts, while exploring the indigenous wisdom of the ancestors as revealed in the prophecies of the numerous tribes of Turtle Island/the United States, and in particular highlighting the esteemed Hopi Prophecy of the coming “Fifth World”.

The Spiritualution Purification Gathering will be a coming together of elders, speakers, storytellers, musicians, and dancers to share and teach about the prophesied signs which have been (and are being) revealed, indicating these times are upon us, and that all tribes, races, religions, and nations, are called now to join together for the good of all. The Spiritualution Purification Gathering is a call to brothers and sisters from the 4 corners of Mother Earth to come together in recognition of the Creator’s call to purify and be made whole once again. A global sociological, political, cultural, psychological, and ecological crisis is upon us and now, more than ever, it is imperative to pay attention to the ancient warnings of the indigenous peoples from around the planet whose reciprocal and traditional relationship with Mother Earth has made them the earth guardians of the 21st century.

The Spiritualution Purification Gathering is part of the vision and work of Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan who is a spiritual leader, activist, author, musician, and cofounder of Global Community Communications Alliance, the Global Temple, the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebllion, and its Avalon EcoVillage campus. The community was established in 1989 by Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan and Niánn Emerson Chase and now has 100 plus Human-Rights Advocates from around the world who have been called to the work of restoring global balance and harmony through personal transformation and selfless service to humanity.