Camping Rules and Regulations

  1. High Fire Danger - PLEASE NO fires, flames, matches. Evening campfires are provided by the staff, as well as designated cooking areas.
  2. Swimming and boating is not allowed in the ponds.
  3. Campers are responsible for their own property and having property insurance.
  4. Please remember no camper’s activities may interfere with the activities of any other camper.
  5. Porta-potties available for all needs. No septic or grey water disposal permitted on the grounds. Anyone found dumping will be charged a $100 fine and turned over to the proper authorities.
  6. The following items are restricted/prohibited on the grounds: alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoking except in private vehicles, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, guns, knives, swords, unauthorized weapons of any kind, or fireworks.
  7. Please sort trash according to the labeled containers. Please take any restricted trash (for example, cigarette butts in your vehicle) with you when you leave.
  8. Campers agree to stay within the designated camping area. For safety, please do not enter any animal area including pastures, barns, or corrals and do not approach or handle any free roaming animals or animals accessible through any barrier or over a fence.
  9. Campers agree to respect other campers and wildlife. Please observe that the birds begin singing at 6:30 a.m. and quiet down at 11:00 p.m.
  10. Only animals assisting handicapped persons are allowed. Campers are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.
  11. Railroad tracks (without gating or lights) are near the camp site. Trains pass all day and also in the middle of the night. Be watchful. Please always check for trains before crossing the tracks. Supervise your children closely.
  12. Santa Cruz River contains A+ effluent (treated wastewater).
  13. Parking rules: After unloading at the campsite vehicles must be moved to the designated parking place as directed by the Festival staff, unless prior approval is given to keep vehicle at your campsite.
  14. Any camper not adhering to the Rules and Regulations may be escorted off the grounds.


Information Booth is staffed each day.
For more info: 520-398-2542